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QuickTime for Mac and Windows machines is available from Apple.

For Unix machines, we recommend viewing the MPEG movies since most of our Quicktime movies use the cinepak codec, which is not well supported on Unix. If you want to try Quicktime, Xanim is an X-Windows animation viewer which includes support for cinepak QuickTime movies on some platforms.

The preview images show a single frame (possibly at reduced size) from each movie. A catalog with inline preview images is also available.

Hurricane Dennis timeseries (1999 August-September)
1999 August 28, morning
1999 August 28, evening
1999 August 29, morning
1999 September 1, morning
Additional still images of Dennis
Hurricane Mitch timeseries (1998 October)
Mitch approaching Honduras.

Hurricane Georges timeseries (1998 September)
Georges churning towards Florida

Georges in the Gulf of Mexico.

Morphed movie of Hurricane Guillermo

The following animations of GOES-9 data show explosive convection in Hurricane Guillermo. The images were taken 1997 August 2 and show the hurricane in the eastern Pacific. NOAA research aircraft were in the eye at about the same time.

The interval between images is as short as 1 minute. Unfortunately, in its operational mode the GOES-9 satellite has gaps of up to 30 min between images while it scans other parts of the earth.

To bridge these gaps, Mark Sutton has morphed successive frames. Morphing is a subjective process rather than a scientific interpolation, but it does provide an more continuous view of the hurricane. Marit Jentoft-Nilsen converted the morphed sequence to QuickTime, and also created a raw sequence (no morphing) and a side-by-side comparison of the two.

Note: the MPEG versions are quicker to download but much less sharp.

Red/green stereo movie of Hugo

Hurricane Fran Fly-By (1996 Sep 4)

Hurricane Hortense Fly-By (1996 Sep 11)

Hurricane Luis
1 minute interval scans

Hurricane Luis GOES-9

Hurricane Marilyn GOES-9

Hurricane Andrew Fly-By

Hurricane Andrew Time Series by Nathan Gasser

Thunderstorms over Georgia
GOES-8 visible, 15 May 1995
15 minutes between frames

Thunderstorms over Florida
GOES-9 visible, 2 July 1995
1 minute between frames

GOES8 Multispectral Cloud Movie

Space Shuttle Launch STS-74 from GOES-9