Mesoscale Atmospheric Processes Branch

Beautiful fluffy clouds, backlit by the sun
Code 612

Visit the home page of the Mesoscale Atmospheric Processes Branch (also known as Code 612). The home page has details on the current projects of branch scientists and lists of branch members and current publications


GOES Project Science

A teal and white sphere with mainly clouds visible
GOES - the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite

The GOES Program is a joint effort of NASA and NOAA to a manage series of geostationary weather satellites. Visit GOES Project Science page to obtain realtime GOES images and data, and techical information about the satellites.


Remote Sensing Data

A white hurricane is making landfall on the Gulf Coast
RSD - Visualization of Remote Sensing Data

Visit this legacy site to look through an archive of images and movies made from satellite data.



An audience sits in a dark auditorium watching an Etheater show
E-Theater - the Electronic Theater

This archival site documents E-Theater visual presentations that were given at schools, conferences and other venues across the nation.



A typical view of Earth from space - white clouds and blue ocean predominate with the North American continent showing up as a smaller area of green and yellow-brown land
VAL - the Visualization and Analysis Lab

Visit this site for visualizations of satellite data.